This delight tastes similar to our tomato-peanut sauce  in terms of consistency and ingredients. What makes it different is the addition of hot pepper which gives it a spicier taste that will be appreciated by those who like it slightly spicy.

This sauce, popular in India and Pakistan sets itself apart with its delicate flavor and subtle sweetness. The addition of coconut milk makes the coconut-peanut sauce one you'll remember.

This unique sauce is very similar to the coconut-peanut sauce, but it combines exotic flavours and products from Quebec, such as cranberries. Cranberry lovers will adore it.

This blend of fresh and natural ingredients with exotic spices offers a stronger taste, where the peanut butter softens the spicy effect and gives the sauce its remarkably delicious taste.

NARE Foods focuses on quality, innovation and convenience to transform an ordinary meal into a delicious and exotic dining experience.


Our sauces are served with different pastas, rice, couscous, vegetables, fish, chicken, and more.


By choosing NARE Foods, you are making a healthy, trans-fat-free and low-sodium decision.


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